About Us


Agri-MC is a marketing and communications company specialising in agriculture.  We offer a wide range of services to assist companies and organisations succeed in an industry that has faced rapid transformation in recent years.

The strength of Agri-MC is our knowledge of many aspects of agriculture and our innovative solutions for a range of marketing and communication needs.

We enjoy working with our clients as business partners and creating marketing campaigns from development through to evaluation. 

Innovation is a key driver of Agri-MC and we’ve developed Agricam to showcase our audio visual offerings to our customers.

As well as high definition videos and photographs that can be used in a multitude of areas, Agricam have a range of other innovative offerings.

Other areas of innovation include drone videos and photography and time lapse footage which can be used to compare growth rates of different plants, the effectiveness of various attractant products or even the speed of other products such as herbicides.

Supporting the Otis Foundation

Over many years we have been supporting the OTIS Foundation with interviews, video production and mail distribution.

The OTIS Foundation provides acommodation at no cost to anyone dealing with the challenges of breast cancer. 

The videos were featured at the OTIS Ball at Crown Casino in Melbourne.  For more information about OTIS visit www.otisfoundation.org.au or view the videos below.

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